Happiness Project, Month Three: Cultivating Creativity

May’s happiness project felt really great. We really did create and enjoy many happy family memories–even our first trip to Iowa to visit my Dad. It’s funny how much it takes to go from wanting to do something to actually doing something, however. Here’s what I learned last month.

  1. There is no substitute for a bit of effort. Given all that I had going on (all of us do, always), it wasn’t the easiest thing squeeze in the time to check flights, dates and flight prices, pack and then take a toddler on three flights each way by myself. On the other hand, Benjamin really knows his Grandpa now. So, definitely worth it. Why didn’t I do this before? I’m sure I have excuses. Perhaps too many.
  2. Pictures are memories…remembered. I can’t count the hours I’ve spent pouring through pictures and videos of days past (especially now that Benjamin is a full-fledged pre-schooler). It seems like over time recorded memories become predominant over non-photographed ones, because the visual aides help me recall so many details and situations that are otherwise so easy to forget. So, I took a lot of pictures this month, including, what I hope will become an annual or biannual Crain tradition, getting family photos done by my friend Sasha on Memorial Day.

Which brings me to…JUNE’S RESOLUTION: cultivating creativity.

In order to meet my resolution this month, I’ve determined that I will:ElayneCreative

  • Brainstorm (currently tend to only do at work, would like to do more at home)
  • Schedule creative pursuits (hello, sewing classes!)
  • Break out the supplies (why do I have ten year old art supplies? because I haven’t used them. that changes this month!)

I’ve also got the previous tactics to consider, since this thing is building over time:

  • Create fun family experiences (hope Benji’s up for some craftiness!)
  • Share with others (this should appear on my blog, facebook, and other communications with friends and family)
  • Shop.SassyGinger.com (need to start promoting my shop, so that will require some creativity since I’m doing this whole thing very boot-strap)
  • Ask for help (will surely need help when I hit creative blockages or snafus)
  • Create weekly blog post (branching out this month…trying out some video, charitable contest, etc.)
  • Continue sugar research (art of this project has to do with design, so I’ll be working on that part)
  • Work on yard sale book (this will be my yard sale photography month! So expect to see me with a camera if you catch me out on Saturday morning.)

How can we train ourselves to think creatively, instead of falling into mental ruts?

Inventively yours,

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  1. Funny you should mention the art supplies! Madeline is planning another McCombs swap, which we’ll discuss at the next Green Team meeting (June 15th: TBD). I have been holding onto mosaic supplies for about five years. No mosaics. Time to move them on to others who might want to do that sort of thing.

  2. I LOVE your systematic approach to creating happiness. With new-found mental bandwidth, I’m going to borrow some of your ideas…the monthly resolution is wonderful. Thanks for sharing—both ideas and findings.

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