Reusable Japanese Paper Balloons

I love the cheerfulness of balloons. Who doesn’t? They are bubbly and fun and colorful! However, my love of using them has started to deflate – as I learn more and more about the devastating environmental impact they have on wildlife (esp. sea creatures) and the coming helium shortage (which turns out to be a […]

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Spring Has Sprung: A Floral Music Playlist

One of my guilty pleasures is having a subscription to a lovely British magazine called The Simple Things. Besides learning a lot about British culture and cuisine (is there EVER any recipe they won’t stuff full of fruit and nuts?), there are a lot of other fun features that have caused me to continue to […]

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Instagram-worthy: Goonies Quote Scooter

Copyright Elayne Crain

I came back across this pic I snapped back when we were in Austin. Don’t know the owner, but I can tell they’re my kinda guy or gal! A post shared by Elayne Crain (@elaynecrain) on Feb 23, 2018 at 9:17pm PST What’s the best bumper sticker or vehicle décor you’ve seen lately? Hey-you-guys, Freckles

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“Owl” Have to Keep This One

Sam Wilson Tea Towel

I bought this lovely Sam Wilson tea towel at Cornflower and Calico, a beautifully curated housewares shop in the lovely village of Stroud, in Gloucestershire, England, to have “on hand” for a gift…turns out that gift was actually destined for myself. Once I had it in my kitchen, I couldn’t just let it leave. Sorry, […]

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Stroopwafels: Warm Them the Dutch Way

warmed stroopwafel

Stroopwafels are popping up everywhere. And by everywhere, I don’t just mean in the usual hipster haunts–Target now carries the Daelmans brand in their cookies aisle, nestled next to the shortbread and Petit Ecolier offerings. And why not? These delicious, strangely-satisfying treats from Holland have all the hallmarks of the American palette: sweet, relatively large, and completely filled […]

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Grackle Gastronomic Society T-Shirt

If you are an Austinite, or have even visited the Violet Crown, you probably interacted with a grackle. Grackles strong-minded birds, who are not about to take backseat to people just because people are bigger and can purchase food. In fact, grackles see people as useful patsies, and I have had them literally work as […]

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My Salute to Pain Au Chocolat

Pain Au Chocolat

Or, “croissants with a bunch of yummy chocolate in the middle” if you prefer. Either way…heaven! Thankfully, they are becoming more common here in the States. I find it incredibly hard to turn down a chance to buy one, even if it’s from a chain store and not a cute bakery somewhere.  A not-so-hot pain […]

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Parody Song Lyrics: You’ve Got a Frenemy

Classic frenemies

So, here’s a confession. I love pretending I’m Weird Al. I love singing, and almost as much, I love purposefully butchering songs. Here’s one I came up with in the car with Nick. Don’t take it personally…it’s not about you….it’s about someone else. I pinky swear. Ahem. Sung to the tune of Randy Newman’s, “You’ve […]

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‘Like’ & ‘Dislike’ Stamps

Make it clear why you left the random article or message on your colleague’s work desk (or just use them for easy notation on staff meeting agendas) with these fun stamps. And, with the “dislike” button, you get twice the functionality (with paper and ink) over Facebook’s own features. Just when are they going to […]

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Webster’s Pictorial Curiosities

I saw this book at the Paper Source on Wednesday, and it shall be mine – oh, yes…it shall be mine. Mind you, I didn’t buy it…yet. But it’s officially on my Amazon Wishlist. (Cough, cough. Is anyone married to me reading this? I’m just sayin’.) Not only is it a terrific book to flip […]

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