Reusable Japanese Paper Balloons

Japanese waxed paper koala balloon and toy
How cute is this koala from

I love the cheerfulness of balloons. Who doesn’t? They are bubbly and fun and colorful! However, my love of using them has started to deflate – as I learn more and more about the devastating environmental impact they have on wildlife (esp. sea creatures) and the coming helium shortage (which turns out to be a thing).

Kamifusen via

Enter these sweet products from Japan, called “kamifusen” – easy inflated (with just a puff or two of your own air) waxed paper orbs can be used and then deflated for future reuse, and they couldn’t be cuter.

Originally meant to be a toy for children (apparently much more gentle than mine), they are great for decorating, as well, and if they should break after many uses, they are far more biodegradeable than their rubber, latex, or polychloroprene cousins.

But why stop there?

Image via’s tutorial.

You don’t have to buy them – starting with normal paper lanterns, available at any party store, you could make your own reusable decor! Check out the adorable pom-pom fringed lantern that Craftynest put together on their tutorial.

Imagine a bunch of solid colored lanterns trimmed in fun multicolor pompoms or rickrack. With cuteness like that, why not use them over and over?

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