Bedazzling Tiffany: A Grade School Clothing Drama

Bedazzled Tiffany Concert Tee

This interview of my super-smart (and comedic) friend Kris was something we put together to teach me how to use basic sound editing software to create a story, a la NPR. The fact that his story is absolutely hilarious and genuine is only slightly more important than the fact that it directly relates to one of my childhood idols, Tiffany, and a Six Flags concert in the 80’s.

Also, it’s only 3 and half minutes long. For those of you who still aren’t listening. šŸ˜‰

Good luck trying to get away into the night.

Do you have, or did you have, an ill-fated piece of clothing that you loved?


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  1. Love it! that’s pretty fantastic. Which software are you using?

    It would be funny if you did audio or video interviews of people at garage sales describing the stories behind the weird things they want to sell… It would be awesome to hear you on NPR someday!

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