Grackle Gastronomic Society T-Shirt

If you are an Austinite, or have even visited the Violet Crown, you probably interacted with a grackle. Grackles strong-minded birds, who are not about to take backseat to people just because people are bigger and can purchase food. In fact, grackles see people as useful patsies, and I have had them literally work as a team to steal a sandwich from me (one distracted me, while the other grabbed the sandwich, bag and all).

In honor of these colorful in character (if not in feathers) avian scroungers of every outdoor meal, I created the following ‘Grackle Gastronomic Society’ t-shirt. Grackles — finishing your quinoa since 1986.

Has a varmint ever stole your food?

Shoo, bird, shoo!

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