Stroopwafels: Warm Them the Dutch Way

warmed stroopwafel

Warming upStroopwafels are popping up everywhere. And by everywhere, I don’t just mean in the usual hipster haunts–Target now carries the Daelmans brand in their cookies aisle, nestled next to the shortbread and Petit Ecolier offerings. And why not? These delicious, strangely-satisfying treats from Holland have all the hallmarks of the American palette: sweet, relatively large, and completely filled with either caramel or honey goodness.

But even if you’ve enjoyed your fair share of the Dutch treat, you may have missed a preparation step: setting it on the top of a hot beverage for a minute, allowing the steam from the drink to warm up its sweet center into a delightfully creamy consistency.

Sometimes, it turns out perfection really is worth the wait. De-luscious.

Have you tried a stroopwafel yet? What did you think?

Warming up to you,

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