Like a Blog (Like a Boss Social Media Parody)

My friends Kris and Jason put this song parody together, based on the SNL bit that Andy Sandberg did (Like a Boss). I think this is actually much funnier than the original. Here’s hoping that you don’t finish this song up and think, “Huh, that reminds me of Freckled Life…”,

Rock n’ roll,

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  1. Thanks Sassy! All the credit goes to MC Evilcyborg. I’m just his lil john, or lil j as I like to say. Favorite line: “Solipsism!” This dude’s philosophical!

    1. I will say, I’ve done a lot of the bits in the song, esp. now as I’m scrolling back. “Post an LOLcat?” Check, and check. Ha ha. 🙂

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