Happiness Project, Month One: Aim Higher

Crowd yells: You can DO it! (Then sucks in breath and shakes head.)
Crowd yells: You can DO it! (Then sucks in breath and shakes head.)

So the Happiness Project is on! I’m sure it’s psychosomatic but the past few days also happened to be some of the best days I’ve had in a while, even though I was only able to mark “Yes” for some of my five CSFs (more about that later) each day. Still, the point of this whole thing is not to stress out, it’s to make me happy by keeping me focused on things that I enjoy or would like to find out if I enjoy.

So, how is this going to work? The plan is that I have eight months of resolutions (conveniently ending by 2011), and each month I’ve determined critical success factors that are necessary for me to “meet” that resolution. In theory, if I reach my critical success factors, I will meet my resolution as a by-product.

Overall, here are my resolutions for each month for 2010.

MONTH 2 (MAY) RESOLUTION: creating and enjoying happy family memories
MONTH 3 (JUNE) RESOLUTION: cultivating creativity
MONTH 4 (JULY) RESOLUTION: beauty is as beauty does
MONTH 5 (AUGUST) RESOLUTION: start from scratch

In order to meet my resolution this month, I’ve determined that I will:

  • Prep and launch Sassy Ginger vintage shop
  • Ask for help when I need it
  • Produce a minimum of weekly blog posts for SassyGinger.com and my professionally-oriented blog
  • Research for sugar-related project I’ve been thinking about since I went to France
  • Continue to work on my Yard Saling Domination book (I had started this a while ago but let it drop)
Three days down, 27 more to go for Aiming Higher...
Three days down, 27 more to go for Aiming Higher...

On top of this, I’ll need to do my daily juggle…work, home, finishing our (oops!) taxes, etc. but having these new items on my list this month doesn’t feel threatening for some reason; it feels a bit liberating. They are at least on my list!

To the right is my chart so far. Not super impressive, but my feeling of accomplishment will come from the sustained effort, anyways, not necessarily one day “rocking” at a time. So, I’m feeling good

How do you translate your aspirations into inspirations that actually get you moving? Any tips?

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