960 Saturdays Before Your Kid Leaves Home at 18

There I was, quasi-yawning through a parenting magazine the other night a few minutes before midnight, and the words seared in my brain. “You will only have 960 Saturdays with a newborn until they go off to college.” Only 960 Saturdays? Could it possibly be true?

Well, my darling Benjamin is already five. That means more than 260 of our Saturdays have been already spent, and although I regret nothing so far, it’s hard to swallow that there’s so few left until he’s out in the world, living his own life. I’m proud of him and look forward to him becoming an adult, naturally. Just not anytime soon.

So, I started thinking. We’ve got somewhere between 600-700 more Saturdays to spend together. That’s a lot, but it’s not infinite. It put things in perspective for me in a concrete way I had not pondered before.

I hope you spend your weekend well this weekend. As for me, it’s going to seem pretty poignant from now on. And a lot more special.

How are you going to make yours count?

Sappily yours,

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