When Mr. Rogers Wrote Me Back

I have been digitizing old photos, and in the process of going through old papers, I came across this letter I received from Fred Rogers, aka. “Mr. Rogers,” in 2001. I had written him a quick note of thanks, spurred on by the news I had heard locally in Pittsburgh that he was no longer going to be doing his shows (understandable…even in 2001, he was in his 70s, and passed only two years later, so he may have already been diagnosed with the stomach cancer that eventually took his life). I definitely did not expect a response back, but just wanted to acknowledge the end of an era and let him know I appreciated him.

Rereading his response letter, I find it remarkable how much detail he included. It’s clear that he, or someone on his staff, read each and every letter with care. In truth, I don’t really even remember what I wrote specifically, but I can guess pretty clearly because of the details he refers to in his reply.

What a kindhearted person, to take time to respond in such a way to someone’s quick note. You were one of a kind, Fred!

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